Reasons For Choosing Android Operating System

What are the reasons to choose Android Operating System, when the smartphone or tablet PC in the market that has a lot of different operating systems, including BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone and several other operating systems.

The Android operating system appeared in 2007, this time stepping on to version 4.2. but it is far superior to Windows Phone, Blackberry, and even iOS. Therefore, many vendors are developing the operating system.

Of course there are several reasons that the background for this operating system popularity. What are the reasons consumers prefer to choose the android operating system for smartphones or tablet PCs.

Open Source
Open Source or which means you can modify yourself, make these phones is growing rapidly. In fact, some vendors make modifications of the OS is to provide uniqueness and distinction from other phones. This is also one reason why android is growing fast with its applications.

Cheap Price and Quality
Has been inevitable if the android phone has a cheap price. Try to compare it with other smartphones with the operating system. Less likely if other smartphones have a price below 1 million. Also, android has a lot of variants to choose from.

Application for Free
Applications are open source , of course, to make developers more keen to develop their applications . The developers themselves can easily promote their apps to Google Play ( android app store ) with ease . Their application can also be distributed with the label open source , freeware , shareware , or even commercial .

Google integration
It is inevitable if Google is currently one of the largest internet companies. Google it self, as an android developer certainly easier for users to access their Google account. Therefore, Google gives easy integration with just a click of the available applications.

Developed continues
Google as a developer of android operating system, very serious to work on this OS. This is evidenced by the android versions and improvements made by Google. In addition, it has the latest features in the operating system. Not only that, Developers also often perform the update on the development and application. It is also the advantage of Android than on other operating systems .

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