Why Choose Android Tablet ?

Why Choose Android Tablet ?

Since its introduction in 2007, the observers have been predicting that the Android Operating System will be the operating system for a variety of mobile gadgets that are reliable and continue to be developed. Currently, Android has captured the hearts of the world mobile phone market by shifting dominance of Symbian, and has become a serious contender for the iOS from Apple.

Why prefer to choose and use a Tablet PC-based Android operating system than any other operating system?

Android is an open operating system (open source) that allows mobile phone application developers to create applications based on Android platform for distributed freely licensed open source, freeware, and shareware without difficulty to follow the procedures and rules of the system belongs to a manufacturer of proprietary Operating System paid.

In addition, the open source license gives freedom to the application developers to design and develop a variety of programs for Android. Meanwhile, users can also customize the program can freely OS in Android devices for specific purposes without violating any proprietary system.

Because the Android open source license, the tablet PC with Android system can be produced at a lower cost compared to paying the operating system. Android device can be sold cheaper.

Android developers have made the design of the operating system that can be upgraded to newer versions of Android with the hard ware compatibility condition on SmartPhone / Tablet PC Android operating system will be upgraded. So that Android users will be able to continue to use the latest technology and are not "outdated".

Android became the pioneer Multitasking ( operating system can run many different applications at the same time ) in the SmartPhone . You can create a Word document to copy most content submission Email your friend that you check / open while listening to MP3 music in the background and wait for a reply chat from your Facebook friends.

Android is designed to always terinteraksi with Google and Social Media , Google Inc. continues to expand its online applications and services in a variety of types, formats, forms, functions, and services, and more and more people create accounts and interact in it, then the interconnectivity between Google services to the owner of the account would be easier for the owner of the account 's online activities in using the product Google's apps and services through Android devices.

It is very beneficial for a particular community which consists of several owners of accounts at Google to support collaboration among their activities in a particular activity or facility that uses features of Google's services or the services of other websites.

Technically Android allows users to perform Drag & Drop elements of shortcuts / links / widgets from / to the home screen for the purpose of the addition or deletion of shortcuts / links / widgets . Home screen pages can be added up to a certain maximum limit or reduced as desired user. When compared to Symbian or BlackBerry does not give the Drag & Drop feature.

When compared to the iPhone, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile, Android easier for users to make the regulatory process more practical, fast, and does not complicate. Jailbreak Process on iPhone confirmed as illegal actions will void the warranty could even damage the hardware if not done properly. Compare with Community Android ROM Customization legalize yangn to do on any Android device. In fact, customization is intended for a positive purpose, namely to optimize the performance and the performer in question and Android devices may also be used for troubleshooting purposes.

When compared to iOS, WebOS, Symbian, Bada, Maemo, or BlackBerry, Android has a notification system for a variety of events and activities better. Android allows a variety of notifications can be automatically generated, it is even possible new events / messages live preview, without inconveniencing users to do a manual check. Currently no other OS can match the diverse advantages of the Android notification system.

Android Market Place is still far below the Apple Store in terms of quantity of content provided, but the Open Market system, the amount of content on the Android Market Place is potentially soon be able to compete even exceed the amount of content on the Apple Store.

Android is open source licenses make it easier for application developers to distribute their work to the public in a more free, less expensive, could also free of charge. In addition, the number of applications for Android developers and application itself has the potential to rival even surpass the application developers for the iPhone that collided with the 'problem' license and a proprietary Apple.

Collaboration Consortium Android development cooperation which is a combination of 34 companies for hardware, software, and telecommunication world's leading birth fruiting variety SmartPhone devices from each vendor consortium members. So that consumers will have many options in the market of Android gadgets, this condition will encourage the development of the Android market more easily.

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